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Affordable Ponds LLC

We will make your pond like new again.

Reasons to have your pond profesionally cleaned:

  • A complete pond cleaning will make your pond so much easier to maintain.  (Because we are removing the algae and the algae's food source, decomposing debris and sludge).
  • A clean pond is a healthy pond, your fish will thank us.
  • We will completely clean out your pumps intake and impeller.  This will not only increase the pumps performance but  will extend the pumps life as well.
  • We will advise you on the easiest and most cost effective ways to maintain your pond.
  • We have set pricing to save you money.

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Portland 503-939-0348

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We have been cleaning ponds since 1992

"These guys did a great job.  Everything is crystal clear, pump and filter also running like new.  Overall I was very impressed with Affordable Ponds.  They had very reasonable prices, did great work and were easy to work with.  I would highly recommend them and definitely hire them again!"  Gary H.